The NEW DutchCollegeLeague season starts Today!!!

After a though season for both NSE Willow and Mahogany, both teams managed to stay away from degradation. Even so NSE Oak is ready for another DCL season.

With the new season on the verge of beginning we can ask some questions that will be answered in the near future. Will NSE Oak reign supreme again? Will there be any new talents in the DCL? Will we see the cleanest Yasuo DCL again in the NSE Willow vs Mahogany crusher? Will Synchronised be able to not get caught any longer? and Ultimately which team will end on top of the ladder?

Tonight the DCL kicks of with matches of all three NSE teams. First DSEA Academy will face up against Dorans Alpha. After this, the new line-up of NSE Oak will have to prove itself against Caught’s Synchronised. In the final hours of the evening the highlight match of the evening will take place, namely NSE Willow battles against NSE Mahogany.

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